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‘Simply the best Antique Fairs’

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The lucky number for the September draw is 211. Contact me to claim your prize before the end of September otherwise it’s donated to charity.

The lovely weather has brought so many people to Betws-y-Coed to enjoy the lovely scenery and to spend a few house browsing in the fair and chatting to the stallholders.

This week saw some old friends back again and because of the sunshine many happy people. Last week a full house of stallholders with some really interesting items for sale, This year we have had some new stallholders who have already made themselves at home!!!

Most people only associate me with the Betws-y-Coed Antique Fair, however the first one that I ever organised was in Llandudno Town Hall approximately 20 years ago.  It was when St. David’s Hospice was in its infancy and I organized a Fair for funds for the Hospice.  At the time I was a stallholder at the Betws-y-Coed Antique Fair which I had been attending for 10 years.  I then took over the reins and have been running it for the past 19 years.  Originally I called myself  “Bowler Fairs” as I always wore a bowler hat, but changed it to “Simply the Best” Antique Fairs.

Six years ago I decided to return to the Town Hall in Llandudno and now hold an Antique, Vintage and Collectors Fairs there on the third Saturday of the month, November is a two day fair. No fair in January and December.

Over the years the ever popular Betws-y-Coed Fair has seen many changes. When I first started people were more interested in buying antiques, however, now vintage and collectable items are more popular. Also good quality costume jewellery has replaced the attraction of fine Victorian items.

A Wide Range of Antiques and Collectables

In both Fairs I have a core of very supportive Stallholders who sell a wide range of Antique, Vintage and Collectables items.  Including china, glass, jewellery (both fine and costume), silver, books, paintings, postcards, vintage fashion, clocks, watches, memorabilia and a great deal more. It would be nice to have a venue exclusively with antiques, sadly this is not possible but we try to make sure that we put on a good show.

Quality Items on Sale

I believe that advertising is extremely important for the success of any business also having trusted stallholders with quality items on sale.  The Fairs are advertised in local papers, trade magazines, road signage (if allowed by the Council), leaflets in the Hotels and Tourist Information Centres throughout North Wales and what has in recent years become very important, through the Internet. Also the atmosphere on entering a venue is so important.  Some regulars come in just for a chat and a bit of company and we try to make them feel welcome.

It’s always good to have new Stallholders even if it’s just a one off to clear the house of unwanted items. I keep the costs as low as possible.  Llandudno is £20 for two 6ft tables and Betws-y-Coed £15 per table. Free tea and coffee is provided for stallholders and in Betws-y-Coed we have the use of the kitchen. Come and join us to sell your unwanted items that seem to be taking over in the house, less hassle than eBay and more fun. !! That’s how I started doing Antique Fairs about 30 years ago!!

There is no designated parking for stallholders in Llandudno, but in Betws-y-Coed there is free parking in the Church grounds.


Llandudno 50p per person under 16 free.

Betws-y=Coed 30p per person under 16 free.